So it’s official! I am currently sitting here in my pj’s at 11:30pm pressing the refresh button on my iPhone screen for the 100th time today, still in awe that I actually have my very own website. (Ok, we nearly didn’t at some point today because of I totally overestimated my technological ability and failed dismally, but that’s a whole other post one day!) I know this is totally cliche’ to say but being a photographer was the last thing I ever saw myself doing. I was convinced that there was not a creative or artistic bone in my body and in fact, because of my body image issues you couldn’t get me anywhere close to a camera!

Holding my first DSLR {which was in fact a birthday gift from hubby) in my hand stirred something inside of me. The first picture I took was so blurry and out of focus that you could not even make out that it was indeed a child, but I was determined to learn everything I could possibly learn about photography and spent many nights falling asleep just before sunrise with my face pressed against the keyboard of my laptop watching tutorial after tutorial. (I am still mortified that there is proof of this out there on hubby’s phone!!!!) It created an outlet for me to escape from my chaotic world that is 4 children, a man child and never ending mountains of washing andhousework. Then closely followed by a yearning to take that “perfect” photo that I am still chasing even after all this time.

My head is churning with self doubt for putting myself out there, my stomach in knots because I am so anxious of what others might be thinking, but I also have this fire burning in my soul pushing me forward and enabling me to be so excited for wherever this journey will take me. So guys, now that you have had a tiny little glimpse into the deep, dark depths that is my soul, (some days darker than other depending on wine and chocolate consumption of course) feel free to have a look around, come and say hi and join me on this incredibly rewarding journey!